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Why I Don't Pay For Power

Hey man, I’m here to tell you, THE POWER COMPANIES ARE SATAN. And I’m not a loon either. Think about it, it doesn’t make sense. What I’m saying is that, the damn power companies can charge us whatever they want, and there’s not a Gosh     f&%*ing you can do about it.

We are basically like their slaves that they exploit to go on expensive vacations ( the big wigs anyway) And its pretty obvious that they are not paying the lower level employees jack squat because when I call, the person on the other line has an absolute PISS POOR ATTITUDE!

So I made this solar energy home site to share these cool DIY Solar Guides and spread goodwill and help people who want to make a renewable energy home.


The #1 Solar Spot Earth4Energy
Our Rating: residential power  


Ok so you want to be like one of us and build a really cool renewable energy system… I used to wonder if there was a bunch of people out there, just like you and me, who are sick and tired of these bastards at the power companies ripping us off…the more I thought about it, the more I knew there must be people who were feeling just like I was feeling…PISSED and frustrated.

So after scratching my head for a few hours I thought to myself, “how can I quit paying the power company, and give them the ultimate middle finger response…?” THE ANSWER: EARTH4ENERGY

So, if this DIY solar stuff is so easy…WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE HAVE DIY SOLAR PANELS?

This is the question I get asked the most. Great question…the reason is because, some people are strong, and take action right now, not waiting for the “right time” to make a change in their life, and some people are weak, and they just never do anything about the situation that they wish to change.

No one is going to build the solar panels for ya, you are going to have to take action right now and make a decision to build them, or SPEND A LOT OF MOOLAH and have them get built for you. PERIOD.

I have spent a lot of time and money getting this site up in hopes that it will help everyone who visits it in some way, even if it just sets you in the right track that it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR OWN RENEWABLE SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM NOW.

Obviously I’m not a “super fancy web design guy”…just a regular dude…I may get a commission when you decide to buy one of these awesome guides…that’ll help me pay for my site…and hopefully I will have enough left over so that I can afford to buy a cheeseburger instead of eating beans all the time and get rid of this GAS! Haha….

Really though, the purpose of this site is to help people change their life and quit paying for power…GET OFF THE GRID. It’s not for everybody, only the strong, the doers, who want to take action, learn, and build, a SOLAR ENERGY HOME.

Earth4Energy has an easy return policy anyway so if I didn’t like it I could return it no problemo. Pretty cool.

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Energy2Green... A $10 Power Bill ?!
Our Rating: residential solar systems  

I had major doubts about this solar DIY home energy stuff and I’m not really the “build it” kind of guy, certainly not an engineer, (obviously I’m a website guy) I’m not a fancy pants college overachiever either…I thought the guide was really cool though, and I started following the video instructions, and after a few weekends I had my own solar panel system powering my house…can you say holy crap? HOLY CRAP!

Well I said HOLY CRAP! I couldn’t believe it when I was finished and the Wifey and my friends and neighbors thought I was the MAN! And I was ( and am : ] )

residential panels

its such a good feeling when you finish this project…. Plus now I had an extra wad of cash in my pocket! Awesome Liberating Feeling!

To be honest, both these programs are excellent and both will undoubtedly save you a substantial amount of money in residential electric bills. In fact, the only reason why I scored 'Energy2Green' marginally lower than 'Earth4Energy' is because I thought Michael's book was better laid out and a little easier to follow.




Ok so here’s where I SCREWED UP ROYALLY with this whole solar energy for homes adventure… I called the power company and told them they could kiss my ass, no joke, I went as high as I could on the phone call (not that high up) and told them what I did, and they could shove their BS bills right up Askrack Avenue!

This didn’t cause problems…what has, and still is causing problems, is the fact that, I, being the solar powered bastard that I am, I compiled a list of emails to a ton of power companies, and emailed them like a renewable energy jerk about my solar energy for homes panels site that I made, basically advertising to them (patronizing them) to buy a DIY solar panels guide now!

You are probably thinking…”yeah so what?”…yeah, that’s what I thought….what I didn’t see coming was them taking legal action against me, bombarding me with cease and desist letters and emails about my site ( also I used to badmouth the power company’s brand name, which I am no longer doing ).

AND as we speak, they are trying to get the hosting company to take this site down… it was shut down once so that the hosting people could “review my site’s content” and it was down for a week, then the hosting company got nervous because of BS “legal action” they were taking and receiving emails about and cut their service to me…

Sooo, I got an overseas hosting company and its been quiet, but Im nervous and pretty sure its not the end of my problems…especially since I had to pay a lawyer to look over all the “legal jargon” in the emails and mail I was being sent…so I’m safe for now…I think, but this site may be down because of the secrets in these guides that the power companies don’t want us to know!

I left my favorite guide to building DIY solar panels up there for you first, I think its really cool that we are able to do this, build a solar energy home, and not be exploited by the power companies, if you feel the same way, I really think one of these guides will help you for the rest of your life…Imagine right now, NOT HAVING TO PAY POWER BILLS! PRETTY Freakn’ good feeling.

Ok I’ve gabbed at you long enough, buy one of these guides ASAP and if my site goes down (which it probably will, really soon) , find solar-energy on Facebook and join us in our HUGE “EFF YOU” to the energy companies. : ]


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 The Total Package - DIY Power System
 Our Rating: renewable home power

The DIY Power System is unique in that it offers the whole DIY solar, wind, battery and green gas technology deal. Never before have you been able to get it all in one bundle.

I wouldn't recommend this to someone who doesn't have the time and desire to devote to follow through with having a total and complete Solar Energy Home. No more electricity bills. No more paying for gas. You can now make your fuel for your car with the DIY Power System.


This is the only product that can provide you with step by step guide to make your own electricity, you own gas that you can make for free by getting oil from restaurants even your own batteries. Giving you Environmental safe freedom without worrying about the bill.

By building the complete DIY power system you will be able to generate your own alternative Clean, Green, Electrical Energy. Even little known sources of free lumber are included. Ultimately you can protect your family and neighbors from failures in the power with an endless supply of Solar Power.

You will be introduced to the basic Solar electrical terms in the beginning and after completing your system, you will be able to proudly call yourself an expert on the subject. David Knight, the creator of DIY Power systems has created something very special here that anyone can follow along with to have a complete Solar Energy Home.

With DIY Power System in your hands, the only thing you have to lose is your high monthly electricity bill.


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